Glenn Monday’s History


A brief history of Golf Teacher Glenn Monday


Like many of his generation, Glenn was born in a 3-room house with no plumbing.  As a youngster, he survived a tornado that wiped out the other side of the street.  The town was Kennett, Missouri.  And eight years later, a lightning bolt passed 4 feet in front of him.  The place was a farm house in Cortland, Nebraska.  Each time his mother had her loving arms around him.  After a start like that, being on a golf course always felt like a safe place.


First joined The PGA in 1969, L.A. Golf Teaching Pro Glenn Monday has been quietly building an impressive resume.  Along with his full teaching schedule, he also has been writing feature articles in major golf magazines for the past 25 years. Over 100 of his articles have been published.  In 2005, publisher McGraw-Hill published his golf instruction book “Know Your Swing,” and it has been getting top reviews from around the world.


Since 1990, he has conducted over 300 one-on-one interviews with golf’s greatest players.  Glenn has been featured on The Golf Channel and holds a record for the number of ½ hour lessons given in one year – 3,211.  And has been honored by major golf publications.



Bubba Watson with Glenn Monday following an interview.

Bubba is currently #1 in driving distance on The PGA Tour – 315 yard average.


Little known facts:

Became a Federal aviation licensed pilot in 1966, He was granted solo flying privileges after only 10 hours of instruction. An aerobatic pilot since 1974.  He says, “My sport other than golf is aerobatic flying.  Flying upside down is one of the most favorite things I do in an airplane.”


A member of The Screen Actors Guild since 1978.  He has won feature roles on “The Young and the Restless,” “General Hospital,” and “Our House” to name a few.


Member of The Golf Writers Association of America since 1994.